Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More Searches

Some more search comments:

Florida graded barbri essays
Sorry, I didn't take the bar in Florida. Can't help you there.

Puppy swallowed fork prong
Oh no! Poor puppy! Is the puppy ok?

I got sick from Yamamotoyama genmai tea
You did? What happened? I drink that stuff all the time, and I love the genmai cha. Is there anything I should know?

Cube fireworks Macy's
Those were great! I love cube fireworks, and smiley faces, and this year, the stars. There's some other types of fireworks that I love but I don't know the technical names for them. I watched fireworks so often in Chicago. That, I miss about Chicago.

Do QVC hosts really work all night or are they taped during the day
I think they work all night. I was watching once at 3 or 4 in the morning and they were talking about the time and the weather and how it was late on the east coast. I suppose they could be taped and could fake that, but usually it lines up well with the callers, so I don't think they are. If they are, they got me.

Is there anything wrong with the old model Blackberry
Which one? The old blue one? That one was terrible and broke on me all the time. For example, all signals on the Blackberry would show that I had a full signal and should be receiving messages, but I wouldn't. For like 6 hours at a time. It was horrible being in a meeting, having your Blackberry, not getting any messages, and not knowing if you were really free and clear with no messages or if you would get back to your computer and have 30 messages from people who thought you had your Blackberry...

Practice MBE Javits Center cell phone
Are you asking if you can bring your cell phone to the practice MBE at the Javits Center? Is there a practice MBE at the Javits Center? I have no idea. I studied for the bar in Chicago.

Dust mask at home
Yes, I would wear one when the cigarette smoke got unbearable. Couldn't breathe otherwise.

Aloe drink Florida
Do they have Paldo?

Faith based eater hot dog
I still want to know what that means... If you know, can you post in the comments?

I'm going to leave the "mayo shrimp" and the "simulated MBE" alone. I think I talked about those enough. I have a whole post about mayo shrimp! Will also not comment on the Wendy's wild mountain chicken sandwich (sigh) or the calories in the Portillo's chicken caesar salad because I've actually never eaten that there. I usually got the grilled chicken sandwich. Is it on the Portillo's website? Mmm, Portillo's.

I went for months without doing these search lists. I wonder what fun searches I missed!

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