Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I haven't done one of these posts in awhile, but I also haven't checked the blog stats in awhile. Here are some recent searches which landed people on this blog and my comments. Hopefully this will help people who somehow arrive here looking for something that they won't find.

Portillo's Calorie Counter
Empanada Mama Calorie Count

No calorie counts here. Unless I'm talking about the outrageous calorie counts on the NY menu boards. I just don't find them helpful. They are cluttering up the menu boards and making them hard to read without adding much value. I've talked about it all before and am not going to force you to read it again. Except to say that now that I have seen it implemented at a bunch of places, I'm not sure it's going to make any impact on my life.

Crayon psychics
There were a lot of searches for this, but I honestly have no idea what that is even supposed to pull up.

Paldo aloe drink
... is delicious and refreshing, and my favorite aloe drink brand.

I swallowed a prong off a plastic fork
I totally forgot that I did that. Wow.

Cigarette smoke masks
When you find one, let me know.

Southwest Caesar Salad, Wendy's
I like this salad. This salad and the taco salad are probably my favorite Wendy's salads. I thought about getting one at the Wendy's at the mall on Sunday but figured I could just get it at work. I tried going to Wendy's yesterday by work, but they didn't have it on the menu and it's not on the website! It was on the menu board at the mall on Sunday. I'm so confused. I love this salad and it's good because I don't even need the salad dressing. Why, Wendy's? Why won't you put this and the wild mountain chicken sandwich on your permanent menu? Yes, I'm still whining about the wild mountain chicken sandwich.

Post-course paced program
First, a note about the bar exam. The searches seem to have picked up lately for bar exam related topics, and I guess it's about that time. So, a preliminary note. I wasn't a HUGE bar studier. It was kind of hard to do when BarBri started during final exams in law school. So I was never up to date and was behind for the whole program. For that reason, I'm not sure I did any post-course paced program. But I also didn't follow the regular one very well either. But it seems like a lot of people are concerned about this post-course program thing. Is BarBri ending soon or something?

Evergreen Chinatown
Good Chicago restaurant. I recommend.

Blackberry reception problems
Sigh. Try popping out the battery and the SIM card. I do this too often. But don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to no longer have that old blue unit that wouldn't receive messages even when it told me my signal was as strong as it could be.

What do the crayons mean in the movie The Dark Floor
I don't know of any movie called The Dark Floor. Sorry.

Will BarBri replace lost iPod
I doubt it. Did they make you lose it? Otherwise, I doubt they would do anything.

Cedars of Lebanon restaurant in Hyde Park
If this is still there, I also recommend. I haven't really been for a meal in Hyde Park since graduation.

Placenta pearl cream
I don't really have the time or space to go into this again, but at least it sent you to the right link.

Above 100 on the BarBri simulated MBE is ok
Honestly I have no idea. I don't remember much about the MBE.

Simulated MBE did terrible
Sorry to hear it. :( It'll get better. If they still have the questions on computer, that's a nice option for practicing.

BarBri clear plastic bag
The clear plastic bag thing bothered me the whole time prior to the exam. I worried about how I could possibly carry everything in one plastic bag? It worked out fine. Not something worth worrying about.

Mayo shrimp
Sorry, not a huge fan.

There is also a certain search looking for a part of the body of a famous gymnast which I have mentioned before, and I don't understand why, years later, people are still searching for this. It makes no sense to me.

Exhausted. Time for sleep. Good night!

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