Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Today's Routines

I love So You Think You Can Dance.

[spoilers ahead]

I think the frontrunner couples are clearly Joshua and Katee and Twitch and Kherington. I wonder if they will hit the bottom 3 at all before the top 10. (I hope not.) I also like Chelsie and Mark, but I'm not sure if they will stay out of the bottom. (I hope so.)

But my favorite 4 routines of the night were:

- Joshua and Katee's contemporary
- Jessica and Will's lyrical jazz
- Twitch and Kherington's contemporary
- Chelsie and Mark's jazz

I also really liked Chelsie's foxtrot dress. Feathers and all.

Hmm. Perhaps I just really like contemporary. (Yes, I do.)

I love dance shows!

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