Wednesday, July 02, 2008


The law school's alumni record magazine came today. Noticeably absent from the class notes (at least to me)? Yes, our class. Not even a mention of the class, but with no notes, like always seems to happen in our college alumni magazine. Just omitted altogether. What happened there? It was like we never really graduated at all. (The horror!)

I'm looking back through my blog to figure out what I was doing and/or thinking on this day years ago. [I'm using "today" as July 1st since I haven't gone to sleep yet so for me it still is "July 1st."]

Four years ago, this blog hadn't started yet. I'm not going to try looking on the old one.

Three years ago, I was cleaning out paper. Such a cleansing feeling when things are done to get rid of all the lingering crap. Thinking about it, I actually did a similar mini-cleaning in my office today. (Sadly, when I first typed this paragraph, since I went to look at 2005 first because of graduation, I wrote that it happened "two years ago." Having time issues...)

Two years ago, I don't know what I was doing. Nothing there.

Last year, I went for a run/walk in Central Park and had a fruit and walnut salad from McDonalds.

I miss writing posts. Keeping track of what I've been up to. I don't write nearly enough these days. Perhaps, at this half year point, which came way too quickly, it's time for a change. Perhaps.

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