Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clean Dinner

How did my "clean" Japanese dinner go?
Not too bad.  The low point was the eel, but the rest was pretty good.  I usually never discuss restaurants on here, but I'm trying to post more (before I forget things; I seem to not remember so many things that have happened over the years that so many people remember about my own life), so why not.
I ordered from Hakata, which is where we got a group lunch from on Tuesday.  Here's the summary:
Delivery: Quick, easy (Seamless), on time, etc.
Oden (the Japanese winter dish from the previous posts): Pretty good.  Adding the mustard made it even better. 
Eel/avocado roll: Not very good.  The eel was tough and rubbery.  But it wasn't at lunch on Tuesday which was why I was surprised.  That happened to Alvin once at a place I like for sushi lunch, so it could just be a bad batch.
Spicy tuna roll: Yum.
Yay sushi.  But still... bad me from all those Halloween sweets!  I did some yoga crunches out of guilt.

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