Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber

A few notes on Joe the Plumber:
1.  Until last night's debate, "Joe the Plumber" was, for me, an example of Barack Obama's campaigning.  How he goes door to door to talk individually to Americans and to hear their concerns and explain his plans.  From the video, Joe was clearly not an Obama supporter, but Obama talked to him anyway and answered all of his questions.  I thought this was great -- his ability to talk one-on-one with people that McGrumpy doesn't have.
2.  I am still amazed at how often Joe the Plumber came up last night.  I heard on one news program that this was McGrumpy's code for "middle class," but as Rachel pointed out last night, McGrumpy has now gone 0-3 in the debates when it comes to actually saying the words "middle class."  Maybe it's because he doesn't know how to define it since he thinks $5 million is the threshold for being rich.
3.  I don't really think Joe the Plumber = Joe Six pack.  Joe the Plumber had to give a press conference this morning (something Sarah Palin has never done in this campaign...) and I'm not so sure everyone can relate to Joe because (a) his questions to Barack came from him wanting to own a business and he was anticipating making $250,000 a year, which is more than most people can say, (b) he doesn't believe in social security and (c) he's 100% behind our efforts in Iraq, WMD or not, he doesn't care, when most of Americans according to the polls really don't support the Iraq war anymore (and I note for the record you can support the TROOPS without supporting the WAR and I'm wondering if people are starting to get that).
4.  Joe the Plumber is from Holland, Ohio, one of the few places in Ohio that I have spent any time in.  And by "any time," I mean a day on the way to Chicago.  (But in my count, I have "spent time" at a place when I have either stayed in a hotel there, eaten a meal there or had other more extensive contact.  We stayed at a Residence Inn there and ate at a Mexican chain restaurant.  I have pictures.) 
5.  I really just can't believe how much of the post-debate coverage is being spent (as it was clear it obviously would be) on Joe the Plumber, as opposed to McGrumpy's demeaning remarks (and air quotes) about women's health, how he thinks Obama voted against Breyer (when he meant Alito, I would think), McGrumpy's general rudeness and insane eyerolling, McGrumpy's condescension about Obama not understanding because he's never been south of the border (when he has a running mate that has barely been out of the country) and that fabulous, fabulous picture where he looks like he's flailing around the table because he didn't know which way to go.

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