Friday, October 24, 2008


I love going to the Treats Truck.  There's just something nice about getting a delicious little snack in the middle of the afternoon.
The only problem is that the Treats Truck is only near our office on Fridays around lunchtime, and not later in the afternoon.  I don't have to test my willpower as much if I can run down to the truck at 3:30 or 4 to get a snack.  But today the cupcake has been sitting on my desk since around 1, and all I keep thinking is "when can I finally eat the cupcake..."
Part of the problem is that I'm trying to do small meals, so I only had a sushi roll for lunch in anticipation of my afternoon cupcake (better than a box of chicken over rice).  I'm not going to the gym tonight, or else it wouldn't be such a big deal.
So I am not allowed to eat the cupcake until 3:30.  It is a test of my willpower.  I keep watching the clock count down to 3:30.  It's pathetic that I'm keeping track of the amount of time until cupcake.  Almost as bad as watching the seconds tick by on the elliptical.  Thank goodness I can now channel surf while doing that.
7 minutes to cupcake...

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