Monday, November 10, 2008


I contemplated starting a new feature last week with a "Headline of the Day."  The reason I thought of it was because of the headline that the GOP was sending a lawyer to Alaska to get Sarah Palin's clothes.  (A lawyer? To get clothes? Seriously? But if they're going to do that, I'd go... sounds like a nice thing to get paid to do...)
The story gets odder, apparently, according to a new AP report.
Sarah Palin apparently spent the weekend looking through her clothes to see what belongs to the RNC.  (This after some press conference where she said all the clothes she had now were her own and that they weren't sending anyone up to get her clothes.)  Her dad told reporters that she was "frantically" sorting it all out and that things happen, such as kids losing underwear.
Why did the RNC need to buy Sarah Palin's children underwear?  Why would they need to buy anyone underwear?  Was their current underwear not good enough?  Could they not buy their own?  If that's true, it's completely ridiculous to think that the RNC went out to buy underwear... And their claims that the clothes would go to charity?
And why was she frantically searching through clothes if she supposedly left everything behind when the campaign was over and things were getting inventoried?  How much could there be to sort through?  She couldn't possibly have taken all $150,000+ of clothes back to Alaska, could she?
The article also mentions the elementary school her daugher attends and how the secret service is no longer there.  But when was her daughter in school?  I thought we saw her constantly on the campaign trail to the point where we wondered if she even went to school.
Just bizarre.

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