Friday, November 07, 2008


It's a bit of a problem when you're not feeling well and thinking about what you want for dinner, and what you want happens to be all the way out in Chicago.
Our favorite pho place out there made the most delicious chicken pho, with tender lean cuts of chicken in a heavenly broth.  I loved getting that when I was sick (except this was pre-smoking ban Chicago, so I would go out when sick to get some healthy curing soup but couldn't breathe because of the cigarettes).  I miss it and it would be perfect on a damp fall day like today when I'm not feeling well.
But it's in Chicago.  And I'm not in Chicago.  And I'm searching online menus and can't find an adequate replacement.  I don't want to travel far (like to Chinatown) because I'm not feeling well, but the only thing I can find that might get close is one of the Thai soups, but that's not pho.  Sigh.  I guess I could settle for tom yum or something, but it's different...
Oh well.

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