Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Helping Out

I'm curious to see how my donations did. :)

Obama - Yay!

Elwyn - Not called yet. I think Michele "Democrats are anti-American" Bachmann is still ahead.

South Dakota abortion ban - MSNBC said it failed; CNN hasn't called it yet.

Dan Seals - CNN says he lost. Boo.

Al Franken - Still tied.

Bob Lord - CNN says he lost. Darn.

Eric Massa - CNN says he won. Yay!

Darcy Burner - This one's not going to be over for a while.

Gary Trauner - CNN says he lost. Boo.

Mark Begich - Polls just closed but I hope we're saying goodbye to Ted Stevens.

Jim Martin - Not called yet but it looks like we're losing...

No on 8 - Not called yet. I don't like the way the percentages look right now, but it doesn't look like SF has reported yet...

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