Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm completely exhausted from walking all day (and it's almost 2 am), but I'm trying to post more consistently, so here's another random photo of the day.

It's from Hyde Park in Chicago near the University of Chicago. I used to see this overpass every day that I drove back from school, but I don't even remember taking these pictures. (According to the data, it's from May 2004.) Looking through the set of pictures, I also don't remember the area by the law school being so green! The last couple of times I've been in Chicago, it's been cloudy and gray.

I try to take photos of the "everyday" life we're living, but sometimes there are little details that you never have pictures of because you never think about taking something so ordinary. Yet, years later, looking at the pictures, it brings back the everyday, the ordinary, the routine. Looking at something familiar is kind of nice sometimes, even if it's just an overpass from a familiar drive.
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