Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hill Country

Tonight for dinner, A was thinking BBQ so we finally made our way over to Hill Country. We had wanted to try it for awhile, and it was fairly well recommended from some of A's Texas friends, so we decided to give it a shot.

I'm glad we got there early, since we didn't know it was like cafeteria style ordering (wait on line, order, take it back to your table, pay on the way out). The lines weren't that long when we were there, but we were there before 6:30. I can only imagine how bad the lines get at peak time.

I tried the beer can game hen (which the guy recommended because he said it was all white meat, very tender and flavorful) and A got the pitmaster combo (which was beef rib, pork rib, lean brisket and 1/4 market chicken):

The meat was OK. I didn't find the chicken to be all that flavorful. It was definitely moist and tender (for the most part), but it was kind of bland. At one point, I started dunking the chicken into the baked beans sauce and that was really good, but mostly thanks to the baked beans. The verdict on A's combo was that the pork rib was the best of the lot, but he probably would not get the combo again. He thought it was ok, but nothing spectacular.

However, the sides were pretty good. We discussed how next time maybe we should just order all sides (since there were more we didn't try, like chili, that could work for a meal):

We got 5 sides total (clockwise from top left) - potato salad (summer special), campfire baked beans, longhorn cheddar mac and cheese, collard greens with bacon and white shoepeg corn pudding. It was difficult to rank which ones were the best, but they were all good, and when we tried to rank all the stuff we ate tonight in order, all the sides came out above the meat. So, maybe next time, we should stick to the sides!

We were pretty full afterwards, so we walked down to Union Square and to Trader Joe's, and then stopped to pick up some mini cupcakes from the Cupcake Stop truck. Yum. Can't wait to try the Boston cream!

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