Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today in Food

With less than 50 days until the wedding, I'm trying my hardest to eat healthier (and hoping some of it sticks as a lifestyle change). I am banned from eating certain types of candy (and hoping this will lessen my addiction), not allowed to buy pretzels or other salty crunchy snacks (although I allowed myself a reprieve for the first time in months to get some crunchy snacks by this "natural" Alexia brand, but still no pretzels permitted), and I'm trying to make better choices. These are all self-imposed choices, because I'm really trying to live a healthier lifestyle, since I don't like how things have gone the past few years (when I sit on my butt the majority of the day because of work - sedentary lifestyle sucks!).

So, today, like most other weekdays, I forgot I was craving pizza and went to get a nice chopped salad (not from this place but from the place I'm addicted to):

I don't know what it is about the salads but they're so good. Today it seemed like the salad was a little smaller than usual (it usually hits the rim of the bowl) and I got an end piece of the bread, which I don't like as much as the middle pieces because those are softer (and I'm not a hard bread kind of person). It was still good. The combination of beets, chickpeas, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, edamame, spinach and tofu always works for me.

I was good about snacking and just had some craisins (LOVE craisins). For dinner, I got delivery from a Thai place I order from a lot. I wonder if I am on some frequent orderer list because I saw this when I first opened the bag:

Aww, they love me?

It was free edamame but they weren't very soft so rather than take up space with edamame, I went for dish #1 (I went for the small plate ordering today doing appetizers instead of an entree).

Yup, curry puffs. I was expecting 2 of them in the dish. Maybe 3 if they were on the smaller side.

There were 5.

5 large puffy curry puffs.

Which would normally be good, except I also had two other small plates. And they probably don't reheat very well. And they were the least healthy part of the dinner I ordered! I had figured that since the other two items were steamed dumplings and/or a non-carb salad, I could allow myself the splurge of curry puffs instead of a summer roll, since it really wouldn't be that much and the other items were healthy.

Of course, when I made that call, I wasn't expecting FIVE curry puffs! I mean, that's a great value, but I'm so surprised. I have ordered this before and don't think I ever got 5 before. And of course, once you eat one curry puff, you can't just leave the curry puffs... I don't know if I ever wrote about our stay in the Singapore airport (I think I did - January 2007) but we paid to stay in a lounge and they had free curry puffs included in the price. Oh, that was trouble. I love curry puffs.

Eating healthy is so hard sometimes.

The kanom jeeb was slightly healthier. Mostly chicken dumpling, with vegetables and yummy cilantro. This was the size I was expecting. Unlike the curry puffs.

Which brings me to the last part of dinner...

Larb gai. One of my favorite foods. However, either my tongue had heightened spice sensitivity today or that stuff was spicy. I ended up drinking almost 3 cups of milk and finishing off the skim carton in the office fridge. I don't think I've had 3 cups of milk all year before this. (I know that's not really something I should be proud of... but for comparison, that should say something!) I also didn't finish the larb which is shocking for me, but (a) I ran out of milk and don't like 1% or more, (b) I was full from the curry puff face stuffing and (c) it was really spicy and I had reached saturation point.

So I took it home for A to eat when he is back from his business trip to Baltimore. Of course, that means it will have soaked in spicy oil for at least another 24 hours. Oops, it may be a little bit more spicy now?

It was good, as usual. Just spicier than the last time I got it. I'm usually pretty good about tolerating spice in larb, but whoooo, spicy.

So that was today in food. I doubt anyone cares, but I have so many food pictures that I might as well use them!

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