Sunday, August 30, 2009


We tried out our second set of bath towels from the shower gifts and can now compare towel brands!

I have been gushing for the past week over the first towels we tried, the Duet towels by Royal Velvet. They were SO soft. I looked forward to taking a shower to wrap myself in the towel afterwards. It was like wrapping up in a nice fluffy blanket - very cozy, comforting and soft.

All the other towels we got were the Wamsutta hotel brand. I thought they were the same during our visit to the store, but we registered over 6 months ago so the memory of how soft the towels are isn't very fresh!

The Wamsutta ones aren't as fluffy soft as the Duet ones. They both absorb really well. I guess it is worth the extra for good towels. I used to buy the discount ones at Marshalls all the time, but I guess carefully picking towels does make a difference. The Wamsutta ones also feel a little more tightly woven. I don't know how to describe it, but maybe less "furry" than the Duet ones (not that they're actually "furry" but I don't know what other word to pick).

Either way, I'm really happy. I love towels and think you can never have too many towels. It's one of those things you will always need. I think between the two, I like the Duet a little more, but the Wamsutta ones are so much better than our existing towels and also really good. I recommend both. :)

I never thought I would write an entire post about towels, but I thought you might like to know that both the Wamsutta hotel and the Duet ones are really good! I haven't done a "things I like" post in some time, but I think I should start that again!

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