Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mesquite Turkey

Dear Oscar Mayer,

Today I bought a package of your shaved turkey breast, mesquite flavor. We were out of turkey breast from Costco to make our paninis so I sucked it up and shelled out $5 for your package of turkey. (I really wish Costco were closer...)

Looking at the package, I thought that maybe it would last us a day. Then I turned it over and it said there should be about 5 servings in the package. How is that possible? Then your package said that a serving size is 6 slices.

I really don't think your package had 30 slices in it. I don't think it even had 24 slices in it. The package in the website picture looks a lot more full than the one I got, but I really don't think there were 24 slices in it. Can you show me?

Paninis are almost done, so hopefully the turkey is good and it was worth the $5!


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