Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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I haven't looked at my pageload activity in some time, but I figure right now is a pretty good time. Just getting ready for bed and wondering why I have had a persistent sore throat ever since flying out to Chicago last Friday. It's almost 2 am, and if I sleep before 2:30 am, this will be the first time in, I can't remember how long that that's happened. (At least it was almost 2 am when I started this post...)

Some interesting searches have led to the blog... I haven't done a comment on searches post in awhile, but I figure right now is a pretty good time! It's also a good excuse for me to re-read my own blog. :) (No, this isn't every single search, just some of the interesting or comment-worthy ones.)

"menu boards crayon"
I hope this blog isn't high on that list. It appears to direct to a post on calorie counts and how NYC is starting to put them up. However, it only deals with crayons as far as the blog name. I know I have posted about calorie count boards before, but my dislike for them has diminished somewhat. I still think it's somewhat misleading because (a) calorie counts alone don't give the full picture of the nutritional content of a dish and (b) restaurants keep misreporting the calorie counts and giving ranges that mean nothing (e.g., ABP had one for their impulse snacks that was like 200-1000, and the range on a Chipotle bol could be over 500 calories). It's also not proven to have significant lasting impact on consumer choices (wish I could remember where I read that so I could link to it). However, trying to eat healthy and get back in shape, I do understand the value of calorie counting to some degree (if it helps people) and I definitely understand how hard it is to estimate the calorie count for a dish. So I don't hate it as much as I used to ... but I still think it's flawed.

"crayon animated signatures"
Unfortunately for this person: (1) crayon is only there for the blog name, (2) animated related to tv and (3) signatures related to a political campaign. And they weren't at any time used together in the month the person was directed to. Sorry! There were some pretty Chicago pics in that month archive though.

"NBC cancellations"
Sigh. Kings. Such a beautifully made and well done show. At least this year's bloodbath wasn't as bad as past years...

"cupcakes and beaches" (looking for website)
I was going to comment that cupcakes and beaches are two of my favorite things, and then I realized that is exactly what I wrote in that post. At least I'm consistent.

Is this an actual word? I used it in a post title because it rhymed with Monday... The post was really interesting though. Apparently I had dropped a class that I was all worried about - and I can't even remember now what the class was or that I had even dropped a class.

"chewing tobacco finger tort"
My first reaction was "no clue." So I followed the link to the loaded post and what do you know, I actually talked about this except I had that it was a toe and not a finger. I guess it was from a Barbri torts lecture. Fascinating.

"I keep finding dead flies on my windowsill"
That really sucks. But I know your pain, because it is still happening at work and they don't appear to be able to get rid of them. I hate those little flies. Disgusting.

"Explain the significance of the Half Blood Prince"
I don't think I mentioned this in my HBP movie critique, but another issue with the story in the movie is that the reference to the Half Blood Prince was a complete throwaway line with no significance attached to it whatsoever. So, to the person searching for this, if you haven't read the book, and are trying to figure out what all that was about - it's not you, it's not in the movie. The book has some great insight though.

"creme au placenta socca"
Can whoever searched this please explain to me what you are looking for because I don't have a clue what that would even be? I know what socca is...

"Half Blood Prince story issues for movie"
Many. See here.

"Half Blood Prince missing ending"

"Nougatine pink cod"
Delicious. Photo here. And Nougatine for lunch prix fixe is such a good bargain. Would love to go back again soon.

There was also some bar-related stuff but I don't want to quote those so that more people aren't led here in future years looking for those terms, since I don't even remember what they mean or why they matter.

Hopefully this sore throat will go away with some sleep. Good night!

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