Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lost Programs

I'm trying to figure out what we lost in the DVR crash of 2009. This list is really just because I will forget if I don't write it down... At least I think this is it...

Missing, but thank goodness for Hulu and/or cable repeats:
Fringe (many eps)
Burn Notice (1 ep)
Royal Pains (1 ep)
Top Chef Masters (1 ep)
The Philanthropist (3-4 eps)
In Plain Sight (1 ep)
Kings (2 eps)
Glee (1 ep)

Missing, but probably on DVD sometime:
Kyle XY (1 ep)
Eli Stone (3 eps)

Missing, and who knows when we can see it?:
Virtuality (the 2 hr special)
Reaper (maybe 2 eps)
The Unusuals (maybe 3 eps)

Don't know where to put the last ep of Flashpoint. Also, it's unclear to me whether Hawthorne or Leverage are online or repeated. TNT doesn't seem to repeat as much as USA. USA is awesome.

Trying to remember if there is anything else...

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