Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's been a productive night. Didn't do a ton of work (although I figured out the right questions for tomorrow), but got a lot done for upcoming trips.

We booked our flights for the wedding! So excited! The good thing about flying United is that they have economy plus. I'm willing to pay for the extra legroom for really long flights (and when it's cheap like on JetBlue, for not so long ones too!), and Hawaii definitely qualifies. (It's like 4 inches!) Since we haven't done all that much for the wedding over the past week or so, it definitely feels good to get this done! I don't know if I've ever booked a trip this early before, so I'll probably keep checking the flights to make sure they fill up... I never have this many seats to choose from!

(We also booked another set of flights to go to another wedding, and a hotel room for later this month. Yay for Priceline!)

Also watched an episode of 24 (from APRIL 13 - PLEASE, NO SPOILERS), an episode of Reaper (from APRIL 14 - PLEASE, NO SPOILERS) and the 2 hour finale of Desperate Housewives (sigh, I expected more). Yes, I know I'm behind. Also behind on Dollhouse, Chuck, Fringe and the Unusuals. So much to watch!

Glee is on tomorrow! :)

I really need to get to sleep!

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