Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wedding Post 1

We are now five months out from the wedding, and the time is just flying. (I keep meaning to blog about the wedding, so I figure this is a good time to start!)

I feel like we haven't gotten much accomplished over the past month, but I guess, listing it out, it looks like we've done a bit:
  • Re-did website (almost done)
  • Booked venue for day-after lunch
  • Picked designer for invitations
  • Ordered rings
  • Bought dress
  • Scheduled fittings for dress
  • Scheduled engagement pictures

Not a LOT, but there's some big things there like the dress and the rings (which we picked out today). Considering how long I put off searching for a dress, I'm so glad to move ordering that to the done list. And I'm surprising myself with how much more I like looking at and thinking about dresses now that I have one picked out. :) Hmm, what to do next...

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