Saturday, May 09, 2009


My phone was mad at me today.

And I didn't do anything to it!

It all started before I woke up (for real, half-awake doesn't count). When I finally woke up enough with my alarms to look at my blackberry, I noticed I had 15 new messages. So my first thought waking up was, "CRAP, what happened at work now..."

But it wasn't work. It was my dad sending me PIN messages over and over trying to get me to wake up. (I guess I should mention that I sleep through 3 alarms in the morning and only seem to wake up when someone calls me on the phone. Not sure how to fix that problem...) The only issue is that I have my blackberry on silent so it doesn't buzz or beep when I get a message, so 1 message would have been fine instead of 8, but I guess it's good that it made me so alarmed that I got up and didn't just disregard it as junk mail!

I was wondering why I got PIN messages to wake up instead of calls, and then noticed they started to say "turn on your phone."

But my phone was on! And it wasn't on buzz, it was on ring. And it said I had no missed calls...

Apparently it wasn't receiving any calls. I hadn't known there was any problem because the alarm worked just fine (other than my not hearing it for 30+ minutes).

The only way to get it to work was to turn it off and turn it back on again. And then the AT&T guy said he was sending me two texts but I never got them. Tried to turn off & on again but nothing. And never found out just how many missed calls I got this morning.

After going to the bank at lunch, saw that my phone wasn't connecting to the network and wasn't getting any signal to call out. What's wrong with this?? Another restart.

It held up for the rest of the day, but I restarted it 3 times in less than 4 hours. Should I be concerned about my phone's health? I barely use it (every so often for pictures, usually just for a few calls a day when I'm traveling, but it stays locked up all day at work), so why is it having so many problems? And to my phone - what did I ever do to you? :(

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