Monday, May 18, 2009

Fox Cancellations

Looking over thefutoncritic's list of cancelled shows by Fox this season, I'm not feeling very upset.  I never even sampled Do Not Disturb, Osbournes Reloaded or Sit Down Shut Up.  We watched Hole in the Wall once or twice, but it was better in Japan.  I watched some Prison Break online, and still have to watch the dvds I have for season 1, but how many prisons can they get put in and then break out from?  I watched season 1 of Terminator but didn't think the writing was very good so I stopped watching (although I heard the show was pretty good this season, and I may have to watch on Hulu).  That leaves only one - Secret Millionaire - which I kind of liked in concept (and some of the episodes), but also felt was just a way for some rich people to feel good about themselves (really depended on the people).  (So I wasn't very attached to whether it stayed or went.)
So I'm not very upset at Fox this year.  (I can't say the same for some other networks *coughABCcough*)  It's kind of surprising considering they're usually cancellation-happy but I guess they didn't have many options to cancel this year anyway.  And they saved Dollhouse (yay!)
I'm clearly rambling so I'm going to stop and figure out what to eat for lunch that's healthy after this weekend of unhealthy food (speaking of which, I found my saved old post but am not sure if I am going to re-post it).

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