Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pedestrian Mall

To the Mayor:
I haven't walked around the entire pedestrian mall yet, but is the "mall" from 45th to 46th really necessary?  Just asking since it was completely empty when I passed by this morning.
I also still don't understand how closing a major street results in less traffic.  Maybe less cars past the point of merge/closure, but I don't know how it decreases the number of cars on cross-streets and pre-merge.  I was with you on congestion pricing, because I think that would decrease the total number of cars coming into the city because of costs, but how does closing a street reduce the number of overall cars?  Is it supposed to discourage people from driving?  Somehow I think they'll just take another road.
I like public space.  I like pedestrian space.  But I'm still not on board with this fantastic pedestrian mall plan you keep raving about.  Maybe you can explain how it really lessens the overall number of cars in the area.  I don't see it.

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