Saturday, May 09, 2009


I realize they save all the good stuff for May sweeps, but I think it's been TV's mission this week to make me cry.

It was family visit week on Survivor which always makes me tear up. I can't imagine being in such an isolating environment, away from family and friends for over a month, not being able to trust anyone, and always feeling like people are playing you, and finally for just a moment being able to be around someone real.

Then I watched Grey's Anatomy. And while I agree with the people who say it should have been about Meredith since it was the 100th episode, TV weddings always make me cry. I'm such a sap. Seriously, I cried with weddings on Charmed, so crying here was no surprise.

But just now, I watched Flashpoint. And I think I cried more with that than either of the other two. It was just heartbreaking. The story centered on this young couple, where she was dying from a spontaneous disease that could go from diagnosis to death in less than 2 weeks and her brain was just disintegrating. And they were our age. I just couldn't imagine that type of loss and pain, especially so suddenly, knowing that the person in front of you is literally dying before your eyes. It was incredibly depressing, and so well-done. CBS better keep going with this show next year; we don't get CTV in the States!

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