Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Health

I wrote an entry, lamenting about how the weekend has been detrimental to my health because of the eating and inability to fit exercise into the schedule, how it's unrealistic to be able to lose weight like on the Biggest Loser because I don't have 5-6 hours a day to exercise, and how I seem to be completely incapable of losing weight and getting in shape despite trying. I have stopped copying my posts before I post them, since Blogger has been doing better with this lately. Unfortunately, it has lied and claimed there are "conflicting edits" or some crap like that (really, who else would be editing this? No one else even reads it), and to press "back" on the browser and try again. Well, Blogger, of course if you press back, it's a blank post page! Post gone! I'm not rewriting my complaint about losing weight. It's too much effort and may make me even more discouraged about the topic since I'll have had to think through it twice. Thanks Blogger.

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