Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NBC Cancellations

Time again to assess how I feel about the networks cancelling shows.  I'm going to do NBC first because I know I'm upset at ABC so I'm putting that off.
Watched it and upset that it didn't have a real chance:  Kings (one day: we're sticking with Kings! next day: Kings to burn off on Saturdays! next day: Kings on hiatus until summer), My Own Worst Enemy (but less upset than I am about Kings... I just like spy shows).... and truthfully, not raving mad about either, even if upset.
Watched it but knew it was doomed and am at peace with it:  Crusoe, Lipstick Jungle
Watched it but don't really care that it's not returning:  America's Toughest Jobs
Watched it and I guess it's not really cancelled if it's jumping to another network:  Medium (although if it's just gone, and not gone to CBS, I could live with that too)
Tried it but don't miss it:  Chopping Block, Life (sorry to Life fans, but I never really clicked with the show...), Superstars of Dance
Surprised that it's on the cancellation list but don't really care: Deal or No Deal
Ending but really wasn't that into the show:  ER
Never watched:  Howie Do It, Kath & Kim, Knight Rider, Momma's Boys, My Name is Earl
So I guess if I'm ranking... more upset with NBC than with Fox.  Had they not renewed Chuck, I would be MAD.

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