Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I went to Dishes for lunch today, and it struck me that it was still really crowded there at an off-peak (1:30) time.  Despite all of the "bring lunch from home" and "the economy sucks" stories, the place with expensive gourmet lunch is still busy.  (Their "market table" - aka cold/hot buffet bar - is almost $10/lb.)  I don't even allow myself to go there before 1:30 because the 2 checkout lines double back on themselves resulting in no room to walk at the buffet bar.  I'm not sure if it was busier today than other days because it's "matinee day" (midtown is no fun on matinee day) or if it's always like this (I can't afford to go every day to check that out!), but it was fairly busy.  I guess people will still spend the money since the food is good.
On a food note, the usual dishes I get (albacore tuna salad, brazilian chicken salad, etc.) were still good, there was a 3 bean salad with tangy cilantro dressing that I wish I got more of, and a blackened catfish (cold) that I wish I had skipped.  (I guess I should stick to the cold salmon there.)   And many other dishes!
What to do for lunch tomorrow...

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