Friday, May 22, 2009


Random thoughts on the season premiere of SYTYCD:
  • It was nice to see Brandon back! And Natalie, even though I liked Katee better.
  • There were some good people but I don't remember all their names. I remember the guy that has a name everyone mispronounces that starts like "Ch." He was good. And they showed a lot of good contemporary people.
  • Less shots of the judges while people are dancing, please. If you're going to show them, can't you just show them in the corner, like a picture-in-picture type thing? If we're supposed to watch people dancing, and see what the judges reacted to, it would be helpful to see what the dancers are doing!
  • Why did they have to bring back Lauren?? Could they get no one else?
  • I didn't really like how the judges (Nigel mostly) treated the two guys who were ballroom dancing together. I can understand when Mary was talking about it in leading-following terms but Nigel just seemed upset because it was two GUYS and OMG they were dancing TOGETHER. It's not like anyone would force him to pair two guys during the actual show, and they should be allowed to audition however they want! It really irked me and was kind of uncomfortable. Not really funny at all.
  • Ready for more dancing!! It was all kind of a 2 hour blur, too many people to keep track of without taking notes.

In other news, the DVR was terrible. This morning we had 3 hours free (plus extras from other days that it made us get rid of), and the third hour it said would be there for 3 days. Yet, in order to tape the Ugly Betty finale at the same time as SYTYCD, it made us delete even more time! I was hoping to watch the Mentalist again but guess that won't happen. And then we had to delete an episode of Fringe we didn't even see yet! Argh. What happened to the 3 days it supposedly had?

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