Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend in Review

I can't remember the last time I did one of those "weekend in review" or "weekend update" posts. I think it's been a really long time.

Anyway, this weekend was really busy. On Saturday, I started off doing some work, and then we went down to meet my parents to look at wedding rings. We surprised ourselves (well, mostly me) that we found them on our first trip. Another thing to cross off the to-do list!

We also went out for an early Mothers Day dinner with my mom since we couldn't go out on Sunday (read below). Dinner was pretty good at Dos Caminos, and of course, the guacamole was the best part (other than the company)!

Sunday started on a good note because we went to go see Star Trek. Yay for the start of the summer movie season! (I guess Wolverine really started it, but Star Trek started my summer movie season!) I loved the movie. I totally want to see it again. And not only were we really lucky to get a nice empty theater (brunchtime on Mothers Day, of course it was empty!), but we got matinee pricing and got tickets for only $6. Yay! I can't wait for the sequel... in 2 years or so.

We also went to a wedding of some distantly related cousin. I love weddings, even if I'm not sure exactly who the people are who are getting married. I guess we need to figure it out soon for our own! But I do love going to weddings. And it's also nice seeing extended family.

Here we are, all dressed up at the wedding:

And here's the bride and groom during the toasting:

There were some really memorable stories from the wedding: the groomsman who didn't want to toast A during the table toasting because A didn't have alcohol in his glass at the time and you could only toast with alcohol, the friends who went through 4 bottles and 1 handle of Johnnie Walker Black Label and kept doing shots even though people were passing out, playing with my really cute little cousin (1.5 years old) who was fascinated by video games, and many more!

Now if only it weren't 2:20 am with work in the morning...

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